WINE TYPE  Still red

VINE TYPE  100 % Cabernet Sauvignon

PRODUCTION AREA  Vineyard placed in a hilly area in the Regional Park of the Euganean Hills, the foothills of Mount Venda, being south facing is exposed to the sun all day; the soil is olive brown color, soil weaving is marl and clay with few stones and moderately low permeability.

ALTITUDE  100 s.l.m.


WINE MAKING The grapes are harvested by hand at the end of September early October, transported to the cellar are destemmed and placed in the fermenter “Ganymede” for 10 days. The method Ganymede is to take advantage of the sheer force of nature to get the best wines, using as a form of energy given the immense potential of carbon dioxide that develops during fermentation. Follows soft pressing and end of fermentation in stainless steel tanks. You get so extraction of only the noble substances from the grape skin. After fermentation the wine is placed in French oak barrels where stopover for 15-18 months during which time matures and acquires softness and perfumes. Subsequently bottled without filtering.


COLOUR  Ruby red with garnet.

SCENT  Elegant and intense, hints of toasty notes, balsamic, red berry fruit and ripe noble wood.

TASTE  Full and dry, excellent balance of natural tannins and noble wood.

PREFERABLE MATCHES Pleasantly accompanies seconds red meat dishes, roasts, game and mature cheeses, excellent with grilled meats.

SERVING TEMPERATURE 18-20 ° C if possible open the bottle and pour the wine into a decanter at least one hour before serving.

NOTE The name FERO GAUDIUM comes from research on the origin of the surname FACCHIN. The name meant “door or carries” that translated in the ancient Latin language with “FERO” while the noun “GAUDIUM” means “joy”. Therefore this wine wants to grasp the depth of feeling joyful and arouses popular.